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Our clients often call and/or write to us and express their thanks and appreciation for how our services have helped them. Here is a small sampling of some of the ones which have come to us.

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Hody's Testimonials:

A Balancing Experience

"Somatic Balance Massage therapy with Hody Lye is truly a balancing experience. I have had the pleasure of extraordinary treatments with Hody for the past 15+ years. I highly recommend her Structural Integration work. As a result of the 12 part series I had increased lung capacity, no more foot pain issues, my breathing and sinuses cleared, and my neck and shoulder tension was non-existent ... and I was over an inch taller ... what a relief to my back ... the list goes on. I can't say enough about how her exceptional work has made such a significant difference to my physical, mental and emotional state... .I love love these treatments ... . Bravo Hody Cheers and blessings from the

Feeling much younger Georgia"


Structural Integration - the answer to ongoing chronic discomfort

"I worked for over 40 years in a career where repetitive movements, positions and actions resulted in chronic discomfort. For many years, I sought relief from a skillful registered massage therapist every three weeks for a maintenance session. While I did feel initial relief, there was no long term relief.

After moving to Osprey Village, I met Hody Lye at Somatic Balance's booth at Osprey Days. For a donation to AIK, a children's charity, Hody gave me a 10 minute chair massage. Afterwards, I felt better than I had in years. The next week, I booked a consultation and saw Hody for three more appointments. Hody suggested that while she was happy to continue these 'maintenance' type of massage therapies, based on what she observed during the initial consultation and from my long term issues, there was another option. This option was her Twelve Session Structural Integration series.

Hody explained that many years ago she made a decision to take more intensive, specialized training in Structural Integration so she could offer her clients a type of therapy that would have a better chance to 'fix' (my words) ongoing reoccurring problems rather than just do 'maintenance'. To coin words from a very old song "the knee bone's connected to the thigh bone, the thigh bone's connected to the back bone..". In my case, my shoulder hurt because one hip was out of 'whack' (my words); my hip was out of alignment because my knees were not aligned properly, etc.

The 12 sessions were conducted over a period of 6-8 months in a specific order. Hody explained everything she was going to do before proceeding, and afterward would report on what she had done in easy to understand terms. Along the way, I felt changes in my body, my aches were diminishing and my posture improved. It was a journey to feeling better.

It has been nearly two years since I finished my 12 sessions. I no longer have that nagging ache in my shoulder. My knees don't creak when I get down and up again. I have visited Hody a couple of times since when I have had the occasional new ache and pain. For me, the Twelve Session Structural Integration was the answer to my long ongoing chronic discomfort. I enthusiastically recommend anyone with short term, and especially long term, discomforts to visit Hody for a consultation. You will be glad you did."

P Gordon
Pitt Meadows
July 2015


Unless I need stitches ...

"Unless I need stitches, I almost always think of going to Hody before any other health-care providers. She understands how all parts of the body work together and manages to help them work together (when I do my exercises!) to solve problems naturally."

Sheila P., Maple Ridge


A new lease on life!

"In our family, we refer to Hody as a miracle worker. She has worked absolute miracles for myself and many members of my family for over 5 years now.

My 80 year old mother was having a lot of physical problems post operatively and had pretty much given up on hopes and dreams. The less-than-wonderful combination of a cocktail of medications, anaesthesia, surgery and many, many months in the hospital and a lengthy and complex recuperation had left her feeling like an old lady - and she wasn't ready to be old yet. Enter Hody!

A few treatments not only restored her - she was better than new! Old problems with her hips vanished, her hands worked as they hadn't in years. Her gait became even and her step quick and lively. This past spring, at the young age of 81, she was able to go on her first cruise. Without Hody's help, she likely would have been in a home. We can't thank you enough Hody! "

Beth Stewart's family - Mission, BC


Somatic Balance Massage Therapy

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