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This Notice outlines your responsibilities as the "Patient", which are the conditions under which Somatic Balance Massage Therapy Inc. (hereinafter "Clinic") agrees to render services to you. By entering the premises operated by Somatic Balance Massage Therapy (hereinafter "Clinic"), you as the "Patient" acknowledge and consent to the following conditions of service:

  1. To ensure the safety of the Clinic's patients and staff, the Patient shall comply with the directives of the Clinic at all times.
  2. AT LEAST 72 HOURS PRIOR to the Patient's appointment, the Patient shall inform the Clinic regarding any questions or concerns that the Patient has about this Notice, whether in whole or in part.
  3. If the Patient is not feeling well, the Patient shall contact the Clinic at (604) 513-8161 as soon as possible prior to a scheduled appointment to reschedule the appointment.
  4. It is the Patient's responsibility to inform the Clinic that Patient is feeling unwell and/or exhibiting symptoms of illness.
  5. If Patient arrives at the Clinic with symptoms of illness, the Clinic will cancel the Patient's appointment and charge the missed appointment fee of $185.00.
  6. The Patient shall pay a cancellation fee of $185.00 if either the Patient misses a scheduled appointment or the Patient fails to cancel the appointment two (2) business days or more PRIOR to that appointment.
  7. An appointment shall be considered missed if the Patient is not present at the Clinic and prepared for treatment at the scheduled start time of the appointment OR within the first fifteen (15) minutes after the scheduled start time.
  8. If the Patient arrives late to the scheduled appointment, the full charge for the scheduled treatment shall be charged, and the Clinic shall not be obligated to render treatment beyond the scheduled appointment end time.
  9. Out of respect for the Clinic's schedule and the needs of the Clinic's other patients, rescheduling and/or canceling appointments is strongly discouraged. Should such cancellations and/or rescheduling of appointments by the Patient occur with any frequency, the Clinic reserves the right to terminate the Clinic's services at its sole discretion without advance notice.
  10. The Clinic reserves the right to cancel any appointment without notice that fails to meet the aforementioned scheduling requirements.
  11. The Patient is encouraged to address all matters of a personal nature (i.e. use washroom facilities) PRIOR to visiting the Clinic.
  12. The Patient shall be available by telephone at the scheduled appointment time.
  13. Prior to the scheduled appointment time, the Patient shall remain in the Patient's vehicle until called by the Clinic
  14. Prior to the Patient's appointment, the Patient shall not enter the medical building within which the Clinic is located.
  15. Prior to the Patient's appointment, the Patient shall not loiter about the parking lot directly outside of the medical building within which the Clinic is located.
  16. The Patient shall not wait within the Clinic for any reason.
  17. The Patient shall not be accompanied by a guest(s) unless the Patient is a minor or requires special accommodation.
  18. If the Patient requires any special accommodation(s), the Patient shall put Clinic on notice of each such need at least 72 hours prior to the Patient's appointment.
  19. The Patient shall not arrive with soiled hands for the Patient's appointment as soiled hands cannot be sanitized effectively with hand sanitizer
  20. The Patient shall be required to don a properly fitting N95 mask or clinic-supplied mask prior to entering the Clinic.
  21. The Patient's mask must fully cover the Patient's nose and mouth at all times.
  22. The Patient shall wear the N95 mask or mask supplied by the Clinic at all times within the Clinic (including during treatment) and the Clinic's washroom.
  23. The Patient shall not doff or change masks within the Clinic or Clinic's washroom
  24. The Patient shall avoid touching or adjusting his/her mask while in use.
  25. The Patient shall limit the personal items that the Patient brings into the Clinic.
  26. The Patient shall sanitize Patient's hands at the following times:
    1. Upon entry to the office complex at the Clinic's location
    2. After use of Clinic's washroom
    3. After touching Patient's cell phone
    4. After removal of Patient's jewelry, watch and/or glasses
    5. As directed by the Clinic's employee(s)
    6. After touching and/or adjusting the Patient's own mask
  27. The Patient shall avoid touching surfaces within the Clinic unnecessarily.
  28. The Patient shall wait for the Clinic to open doors for the Patient and shall refrain from touching any doors or door handles unless absolutely necessary.
  29. At the beginning of the Patient's 1st appointment at the Clinic and PRIOR to treatment, the Patient shall fully complete the Clinic's Intake Form unless the Clinic expressly consents to other submission arrangements
  30. At the beginning of every appointment at the Clinic and PRIOR to treatment, the Patient shall fully execute the Clinic's Assumption of Risk & Consent to Treatment Associated With Communicable Diseases Including But Not Limited to COVID-19.
  31. At the beginning of the Patient's 1st appointment at the Clinic and prior to treatment, the Patient shall fully complete and execute the Clinic's General Massage Therapy Consent.
  32. At the time of service, the Patient shall pay the rate of $185.00 per hour for the Clinic's time in addressing administrative matters and/or rendering treatment. This hourly rate is inclusive of GST.
  33. The Patient shall make payment by one of the following methods: eTransfer, debit (Interac), VISA, Mastercard, or cash.
  34. The Clinic prefers to receive payment by eTransfer PRIOR to each treatment session (due to the possibility of cellular service interruptions at the time of service). If making payment by eTransfer, the Client shall send the treatment fee to hody.lye@somaticbalance.com in advance of Client's appointment.
  35. If paying by Visa or Mastercard, the Patient shall pay an additional charge totaling 2.4% of the Clinic's $185.00 hourly rate as and for a credit surcharge. This credit surcharge is not greater than our cost of acceptance.
  36. The Patient shall exit the medical building within which the Clinic is located promptly after Patient's appointment.
  37. The Patient shall not remain in the medical building within which the Clinic is located after the Patient's appointment unless the Patient has other business within the building.

At the Clinic's sole discretion, the Clinic may withhold and/or terminate its massage therapy services at any time if you fail to satisfy any of these conditions. The failure or delay by the Clinic to enforce, in part or in whole, any abovementioned condition of service shall not operate as a waiver or estoppel of the Clinic's right to enforce such condition and/or other conditions at a later time.

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